Happy Mother’s Day

May is not only the time when the floral markets peak and when Spring Fashions are on trend. May is special and a festive month for all Mothers. Mother’s day is upon us and if you are a mom or have a mom near or far take a moment to celebrate her day. From stay at home mom’s to working moms all around the world. We salute you!

One Style at a Time would like to wish all the Mothers, Mums, Madres, Mamma’s

A Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Audrey with son Sean, 1960
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with son John

Kate Moss and Daughter Lila Grace

about being secure with what you like and not worrying about what’s in
fashion that particular day. That’s what I admire about her.” – Carolina
Herrera de Baez on her mother, Carolina Herrera

Designer Diane von Furstenberg with her children, Alexander and Tatiana, at home in Cloudwalk, 1975.

“Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials. ” –
Meryl Streep with daugher Mamie Gummer. 
Singer/Actress Diana Ross with daughter Tracee Ellis Ross

Actress Goldie Hawn and daughter  Kate Hudson

Designer Tory Burch and fourteen-year-old twins, Henry (near right) and Nick (far right), and eleven-year-old son Sawyer.

In memory of my beautiful mother Sabina. I dedicate this Mother’s day post. You are beautiful like a diamond in the sky. 

~Te Quiero Mami~


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