What I Learned From The Wonder Woman Film

One Style at a Time is always looking for inspiration and to share different sources that inspire this blog with our readers. By now many of you have seen the Wonder Woman film or perhaps you have heard all about its narrative. You may also know that it has been extremely successful at the box office. In just three weeks it has earned close to $600 million dollars worldwide and still counting. Director Patty Jenkins has also made history by shattering the glass ceiling for all the aspiring female directors. She now holds the record for the highest domestic opening for a film by a female director. Is the film worthy of all these accolades? Absolutely!

Personally, this film was of much significance for me. As a young child, I was exposed to the Wonder Woman TV show led by actress Lynda Carter. This was during a time when all we had were Superman, Batman, Spiderman among many other superheroes that were all male on TV and later in movies. I was fascinated by Lynda Carter’s interpretation of Wonder Woman. She was strong, charismatic, brave and drop dead gorgeous. And obviously, the costume was every little girl’s favorite with her golden crown and lasso plus her powerful bracelets. The years and decades went by and every possible male superhero and even male villain acquired a standalone role on the big screen. I kept wondering what was the hold up with this Wonder Woman film. In my mind, I was running casting calls for years of who would be a possible good fit for this Amazonian great. It wasn’t until 2016 when more details came out that there was finally a script, then a director and finally, Israeli model and actress Gal Gadot had won the leading role as Wonder Woman.  The anticipation began and I kept my fingers crossed that this movie would be everything all the little girls like me had waited for so long.

Now that I have seen the film (more than once), I can say that it is worthy of the long wait and all the positive reviews it has received. Director Patty Jenkins together with Gal Gadot have truly given us a story that will live on to be a favorite and a classic in the superhero archives. Sure there was the expected high-energy Wonder Woman fighting scenes which are quite incredible. But there was so much more in this movie. Patty Jenkins gave us a story that empowered woman not only as Amazonian gladiators but also as women with so much heart. It portrayed the love a mother toward her daughter who she needed to make strong enough and one day let her go out into the world. The love of an aunt who with bravery and tenacity trained her niece to be the best warrior in the battlefield. Then there is Diana Prince herself with her kind and humane side and her innocent eagerness to want to save all of mankind from war. Her rude awakening quickly came when she realized that it’s not just one but multiple elements of darkness and greed that poison this world she has stepped into. Keep in mind, all this was being told from the era of World War I and yet it feels as though not much has changed in 2017. Our world still needs so much help and it’s up to each of us to be kind and compassionate to one another. We have to find our inner Wonder Woman and push forward through the injustice and madness of today. This movie not only serves as entertainment but an inspiration for women, men, and children. It teaches us to come together for the better good and although we are all flawed as humans in the end, what should drive each of us is love.


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