In Honor of the Memory of Marielle

It has been quite some time since I’ve published a blog post. I have certainly missed it but sometimes you have to step away from certain projects and explore other areas of interest. Yet, the reason I’m writing this post today is not to call this a comeback or to do a write up about fashion, self-care or other topics. Today this post is dedicated to a special friend and fashion comrade who unfortunately I found out this week is no longer with us.

The news was devastating, terribly sad and still so hard to comprehend. But I want to take this opportunity to remember what a great woman Marielle Larkin was. We met on Twitter several years ago (you may know her as @Gucci80). Our passion for the runway and all things fashion made us click instantly. She was a fashion freelance writer and had such a strong opinion and a wealth of knowledge when it came to fashion and the business behind it. During past fashion weeks, it almost became a game of how many times we were at the tents around the same time but never had the chance to meet up. She even spotted me on her computer on a couple of live streamed shows at NYFW. We compared notes on some of the most noteworthy shows every season. She was so joyful, funny, high-spirited, a real pistol from New Jersey and she was so proud of it! She loved to read, cook (thanks for the recipes), travel and was an avid photographer with a great eye. I always told her she was a jack of so many creative trades. She was also an animal lover and a fur mommy. She lovingly introduced all of her social media friends to her beloved dog Fitzy, who through so many fun photographs we grew to cherish. As time progressed Marielle had made so many fashion friends and we had many groups which we live-tweeted with for any given fashion show, Met Gala or red carpet award season event. Before we knew it we had joined Instagram and just became like family. We knew who our key players were in our private lives and got to know each other even more as time went by. Her kindness had no boundaries and she truly cherished her online group of friends. She checked in on all of us regularly (especially when inclement weather hit our towns) and always kept the conversation going in some way. She was also a hardcore Yankee fan! Every summer she brought her Yankee fan energy and challenged our mutual friend Roseann Gambale and myself since we are Mets fans. Oh, the fun back and forth during so many subway series games, all in great fun. Marielle also was always so supportive of this blog which is why I chose to use this online platform to honor her. She always had great feedback towards my writing ventures. I felt privileged to have her backing because I knew it came from a genuine place.

This week was hard for myself and for all of us who had daily exchanges with her for months or years. How is it possible that someone can touch your life without you even meeting them in person? That is the power of friendship and the truest power of love. It surpasses all physical boundaries. Sometimes all you need are a few kind words or someone to make you laugh to change your days. I will always be grateful for having the honor of calling Marielle my friend. Her time among us was too short and it will take a long time to get used to the idea that she is not here to be a part of so many conversations and topics that we enjoyed sharing. She was one of a kind. I’m sorry we never got the chance to say goodbye, but your memory will live on. Wishing you a smooth flight to the highest of skies. You are now reunited with your dad and I’m sure he had the biggest hug for his little girl. You will now have a front row seat to every fashion show and you will get to travel anywhere at any time to all your favorite places and some new ones my sweet friend.

In her last tweet, she told me she had had a dream the night before with me and my husband and that we were in London celebrating and she had come along with us. Well, I know the day I do go to London you will be right there dear friend. My sincerest condolonces to Marielle’s mom, family and friends.


Mare, my favorite Jersey girl, I miss you and I will keep you in my heart forever.


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