Monday, April 21, 2014

Here Comes The SUN-Glasses

When we think about Spring and Summer the first thing that many think of is days full sunshine. The days are longer and the weather gets warmer (well at least we are counting on it). Although in New York we can't seem to shake the chill in the air, the sun for the most part has been keeping us company more often than not. Aside from having a great pair of Spring shoes, (See our last post) another great accessory to always have is a great pair of Sunglasses. It seems year after year eye wear gets more colorful and bold. Sunglasses are 'THE' fashion statement year round. We all know its a trademark look for Vogue's Anna Wintour wherever she goes. Not only does it compliment your style of choice but can hide a tired pair of eyes on a bad day. Oh and it protects your eyes from overexposure to UV rays. With so many options for both men and woman these days, its near impossible not to find a suitable pair that frames just right.

 So One Style at a Time readers, tell us do you have a favorite pair of sunnies that you like to wear when its bright outside? Is there a pair that you have seen out in the market that you just can't wait to get your hands on? Is there a brand you prefer or a shape that you prefer? We enjoy when you share your thoughts, so scroll down and leave your comments below. The fashion forum is open NOW!




Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shoe Trends For Spring/Summer '14

One of the many exciting fashion treats of warmer weather is fun footwear. Whether you decide to wear sandals, wedges or stiletto heels, Spring and Summer is just the time to have some fun with shoes. Today we present some favorites in our shoe choices. Its always tough to pick just a few because the options are endless. If you are wondering what are some of the trends this season in shoes One Style at a Time has you covered. Get ready for a season where you will see many shoes with: 
  • Chunky Heels
  • Pastels
  • Color Blocking
  • Wood Heels
  • Bows
  • Metallics
  • Florals and Prints
Finding the right pair of shoes this time of year is key. Some ladies like comfort with great fashion and others don't mind the sky high heels. Whatever your choice have a little fun and show off your personal style. There are so many styles and a variety of price points these days. Oh and remember to include a nice pedicure with your fabulous Spring footwear. It goes hand in hand. So shoe gals, tell us what is your favorite style this season. We always welcome your comments and want to to hear more about what type of shoes you enjoy wearing when the barometer increases outside. Happy Spring Fashionistas!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Light It Up BLUE for Autism Awareness Month

Spring is the time when florals, brights and pastels make their way into the daily style rotation. Yet the color blue year after year is always one of the prevalent hues in warmer months. It can be as casual or sophisticated as you want it to be. It's one of nature's most beautiful colors from the spring skies to the summer ocean. On the runway it was no exception for Spring/Summer 2014. In Italy it came courtesy of Valentino, in the U.S. by Michael Kors and in Paris it was Chloe who all gave us their version of this 'classic-trend'. Fashion can make a great statement but can be even more significant when paired with a meaningful cause.

 If you are a long time reader of this blog you know that we are strong advocates of Autism Awareness. Since April is the official month dedicated to this great cause we encourage you to 'light it up blue' and show your support by wearing the color blue throughout the month. Also making your donations today can make a significant difference not only to a child but to their family. So many parents and children have been affected by this epidemic. Here are some quick facts to keep in mind.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Trend: Fringe Frenzy

Spring has officially arrived and as we countdown to the days of minimal layers and milder weather, lets review another hot trend for this season. Spring and Summer is going to be all about fringes. One after the other models strutted down the runway in some variety of fringed fashion. Designers like Valentino, Gucci, Altuzarra, Calvin Klein and Marchesa made sure we took notice of their garments. Mixed with leather, cutouts, florals, on jackets, pants, dresses and accessories it is no surprise that there is such an appeal to this flirty, feminine detail. Of course we have seen it before, yet once again it has been re-done in such a way that feels fresh all over again. That is why we are highlighting this as a HOT trend to consider.

So fellow Fashionistas, whether you shop online or in stores you are guaranteed to spot some form of fringes. Will you experiment this season a bit with this trend? Perhaps you already own something in a cute fringe and all you need is to tweak the style a bit. The fashion forum is open so tell us what you think about the fringe benefits this season.

Fringe Frenzy

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy 3rd Blogiversary!!!

Celebrations are a time that marks a special milestone or event. Today is one of those days. Can you believe One Style at a Time turns THREE years old on this very day. There is no better way to say it but yes, time does fly and in the blogging world it goes by rather quickly. Its a mix of emotions to think that this little space where we gather to talk about fashion, style, trends and many topics has stood the test of time. 

Three years later there is so much to be thankful for. First, a special thank you to all those loyal followers and readers that have been around from day one. You have grown with us and witnessed so much in these three years. To all the new and existing blog readers I also want to acknowledge and thank you for connecting and for your thoughtful comments and encouragement. Blogging is a true labor of passion, vision and based on inspiration. In the past year One Style at a Time has discussed some of the hottest trends, shared first hand Fashion Week 'on the scene' news, retail and brand promotions and collaborations. We have shared our travel adventures, art, culture events and talked about some of fashion's most fabulous editorials. Additionally, One Style at a Time recently became a part of the Lucky Magazine Community as a contributor.

You the readers are what makes this journey extra special and your conversation challenges this blog to grow and evolve. The commitment to bring you the best value of information is always top priority. So we ask you to raise a glass and help us celebrate these special three years. Join us for more Fashion and fun style chats and we invite you to share with us your favorite moments at One Style at a Time. What is your favorite reason to visit? Are there topics you want to see more of? Keep the festivities going by scrolling below and leaving your comments here and remember to click on the 'Connect' tab to find us throughout the various social media outlets.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring 2014 Trend: PLEATS

A sign that we are inching closer to Spring comes this Sunday as we (a portion of the US) begin to adhere to Daylight Savings Time. We are officially springing our clocks forward  by one hour and embracing the slowly rising temperatures to the 50's next week. With that ray of sunshine and a much deserved break from the vicious polar vortex of 2014 we are ready to tackle another discussion on Spring trends. 

Last we touched on Spring/Summer fashion we discussed the always mandatory pastels. Now we bring you yet another classic and sophisticated option, the always favorite... Pleats! 
Pleats were a recurring theme on the runways from designers like Proenza Schouler, Celine, Chloe, Prada among several others. From pants, dresses, skirts and detailed tops pleats are once again going to be a strong part of your spring must-see. It's always interesting to see how designers always manage to incorporate pleats into their collections and on some level its gets a new spin. In so many different fabrics, from dark to light hues and in a variety of fabrics pleats are such a feminine way to dress up your style. Maybe you can add a touch of metallic or a graphic together with this trend to jazz things up a bit. So here are some looks from 'runway to retail' that will get you inspired for the official countdown to the blooming days of Spring and Summer. So One Style at a Time readers are you a fan of pleats in your wardrobe? Do you find it flattering or do you shy away from this particular folded fabric? The fashion forum is open so your comments are welcome below.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oscars 2014: BEST Dressed

The most anticipated night in film and fashion finally made its grand arrival. The stars one by one made their way to the red carpet decked out in their Sunday Oscar's best. The pinnacle of the award season culminated with so many of Hollywood's best talent. The highlight without a doubt was the fashion. Its the one night where the most glamorous gowns and jewels make their way to the flashing lights of the hundreds of photographers. This Oscar red carpet did not disappoint. So many predictions were made weeks in advance of who would wear what. 
So what were some of the trends you may ask? Blue, black, sparkle, metallic and nude hues made strong statements. There were a few misses but we want to celebrate those ladies who were true winners on the red carpet. From Amy to Angelina here are One Style at a Time's BEST dressed picks at the 2014 Oscar Awards. 
Fashionistas we want to know who were your favorites. We definitely want to hear from you so drop us a line below and tell us who you had your vote for best glamazon at this years Oscars. 


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spring 2014 Trend: Pastels

The lingering frigid temperatures have many counting down to the sunny, milder days of Spring. The time when the colors get lighter, the layers start to come off and the enthusiasm for warmer days is in the air. As we speak designers are showing their Fall/Winter collections in New York but here at One Style at a Time we have Spring fever. 

If like us you are ready to shed some of those dark hues than get ready because fashion is lighting up in a pretty way for Spring. One of the many trends that we are going to discuss includes pastels. It may not sound like anything revolutionary since yes we have seen it in the past. Yet designers like Jason Wu, Burberry and Rebecca Taylor were just a some of the designers that presented some very chic and cool options. The best part is that other than florals this trend is one of the easiest to wear.  A blazer, a cardigan, a pair of trousers or what about a pencil skirt with just the right accessories can all pull your look together. Its all about balance and trying what works best for you. Have a little fun with your spring fashion and if you need a little inspiration keep reading. We have chosen a few pieces that can work day or night. If this trend isn't something that appeals to you, don't despair. In the coming weeks we will be bringing you more exciting Runway to Retail fashion Spring Fashion. 
Are you a fan of pastels when spring season comes around? Do you prefer pinks, blush or just basic neutrals? We always enjoy your comments fashionistas so drop us a line and stay connected as we bring you more trend alerts.

Make sure you find us on our Facebook fanpage, Instagram and Pinterest where you can find highlights of the Fall/Winter 2014 Collections from New York Fashion Week. 

pastel 2014

pastel 2014 2

featuring a pencil skirt

          featuring jessica simpson pumps
French Connection (US)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Before the Runway Show: Designers Inspiration for NYFW

Inspiration is the driving force in any creative field. When it comes to designing for a runway show the source that inspires a designer is the heart and soul of the collection. Inspiration can come in various forms, perhaps a vacation, an art exhibit, architecture, landscape or maybe just an element of nature. It's interesting to see what moves the designer or what becomes part of their mood boards for such an important time like New York Fashion Week. 

It's always fascinating to take a sneak peek inside of a design team's vision before the big reveal. Take a stroll down below and tell us One Style at a Time readers what you think of this preview before the big show this coming week. Check in with designers via Instagram where many are posting videos and images of their behind the scenes moments leading up to this week's events. Happy New York Fashion Week. We can't wait to see what the complete Fall/Winter 2014 Collections will look like. Make sure you check back here, on Twitter, the Facebook page and Instagram for our NYFW highlights. See you on the runway!
"Enchanted" - Alice + Olivia

Friday, January 31, 2014

What To Look For At New York Fashion Week

February in New York has an undeniable excitement. Once again designers are prepping to present their Fall/Winter collections, but the runway is not the only place where the action can be found. New York Fashion Week kicks off on Thursday, February 6th through February 13th and the hustle and bustle has already began in the city that never sleeps. Fashion shows will not only be held at Lincoln Center the official home of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week but in venues all around New York. The industry as well as the internet is buzzing with what is happening during this very busy week in February and with it several changes are in tow. From a cut back of invites, to changes in venues (designers like DVF and Michael Kors for example are electing to leave Lincoln Center). Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe has just announced that she is cancelling her show this week, she recently had a baby and instead will show her designs at a later date in Los Angeles. So Fashionistas if you want to know what's new and happening next week, keep reading.

Coach: If you love the handbags and accessories by Coach then wait for what's in store. This fashion brand has been included in the lineup of fashion week. The collection will be presented in exhibit style by appointment only and will include ready-to-wear, shoes and handbags of course. A sign of the times as more retailers are opting to be included at Fashion Week and are expanding their brand.