Monday, February 8, 2016


Let's talk denim shall we? Is it a trend, of course not, but it's always nice to see revised versions of this classic fashionista favorite. Denim is like a reliable friend that you can always count on for comfort and great style. As of late, the array of how to wear denim and its popularity has grown significantly. From dark to light hues, from skinny to the boyfriend jeans, there is something for everyone these days. You don't have to just opt for denim pants because dresses and skirts are just as in demand. If you are looking for inspiration from past decades, the 70s, 80s or 90s have all introduced elements as to what we see today on the runway and in stores. Now, in past posts, we have told you about the different shades of denim and the skinny vs flared styles. As we head into New York Fashion Week it will be interesting to see if the ladies in attendance will sport a version of denim or if we will see more of it on the runway for Fall/Winter 2016. Today we are taking a look at how what are some of the most popular looks trending right now. Leave your comments below and share what some of your favorite denim looks are.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Currently, Michelle Obama is serving her last year in the white house as the First Lady of the United States. She has not only been our President's biggest cheerleader but also a champion for higher education, diet, fitness, wellness consciousness for children and also a supporter for military families. She has challenged these causes and shown her passion for making improvements and significant changes. When it came to style and fashion, FLOTUS has left quite a mark within her tasteful choices. It's pretty clear that aside from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Mrs. Obama has already claimed the title as one of the biggest 'Fashion Icons' of our time. She has also been a big advocate for latin designers from day one. Today we are excited to highlight some of her most brilliant fashion choices in the past eight years that have included designers like Narciso Rodriguez, Isabel Toledo and more.

Back in 2012, One Style at a Time introduced you to Cuban born, fashion designer Isabel Toledo. Michelle wore Toledo's famous lemongrass ensemble which included a dress and matching overcoat made of satin, back wool guipure to the Presidential Inauguration ceremony in 2009. It made quite a statement and it was only the beginning of her long time relationship with designers of latin descent. Since then, our first lady has continuously worked with talents such as Chilean-born designer Maria Cornejo. Cuban designer Narciso Rodriguez has also dressed Mrs. Obama on more than one occasion. Back in 2008, she wore a red and black shift dress to Barack Obama's election night. It was quite heartwarming to see her once again shine the spotlight on another dress by Narciso at her last State of the Union Address this past January. This time, all eyes were on her as she dazzled in a beautiful, sleeveless, wool, marigold dress that fit her figure to perfection. It instantly sold out of course, as it was selling at Neiman Marcus for $628. In 2014, Michelle attended the State Dinner and was a vision of elegance in a black, beaded bodice and powder blue skirt that was labeled, 'Liberty Blue'. This gown was designed by none other than Venezuelan designer to the stars, Carolina Herrera. Her second collaboration with Herrera came in 2015 when she met Pope Francis in another light blue, belted, cowl neck dress. Oscar de la Renta had his shining moment when Michelle wore a drop dead gorgeous blue and black strapless, floral lace pattern to the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors event. 

At 52, FLOTUS has provided a refined, chic and elegant style that still feels wearable to the everyday woman. She has also chosen wardrobe from more affordable brands such as H&M and J. Crew and in today's world that feels comforting to the woman around the world who are inspired by her fashion choices. In a time when diversity is an important topic of conversation, Michelle has brought the world awareness and made bold statements through her style. Although she has left us with quite a spectacular archive so far, we can't wait to see what else is in store for the rest of her term as First Lady. 


Monday, February 1, 2016

2016: SAG Awards Red Carpet's Best Dressed

The SAG awards were this past weekend in Los Angeles and all the A-listers came out to play dress up on the red carpet. The celebration continued for the televison and film industry. Overall, the men were quite dapper including the always handsome Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Redmayne and Idris Elba, which were some of the best-dressed gentlemen.
Hunting for some fashion favorites with the ladies of hollywood was not a difficult task but finding extraordinary fashion was not exactly the name of this game. There were some ladies that definitely missed the mark. We are talking to you Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, Rooney Mara and Nicole Kidman. We are less than a month away from the Academy Awards and the countdown to the big night continues. We leave you witih some of the best dressed from head to toe at the 2016 SAG awards. So which were some of your favorites?



Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The first month of the year is close to wrapping up and it has been a busy month of headlines and events including the colossal snow storm that hit the east coast. It was certainly the right time to dig out the heavy duty outerwear, the fun faux fur and of course, the big cozy sweaters. If you follow the blog by email (enter your email on the right side bar for alerts) or through any of our social media outlets, then you know January was a big month for One Style at a Time. That's right we launched the first blog monthly newsletter. If you haven't subscribed yet, then make sure you do so here. The newsletter is meant to provide tons of fashion information that you won't find on the blog including lots of exclusive content that you won't want to miss!

Moving on to the hot topic at hand. OK, so what styles are making waves in fashion these days? Well there are quite a few, but our top three favorite seem to have one thing in common, VOLUME. During the busy and cold winter days, fashionistas have to use layers to get creative without compromising great style. Coming in at number one is the draped cardigan. This style we have seen for quite some time but it is definitely a favorite and now they come in long and cropped shorter versions, printed or solids. They are such a fabulous addition to your fall/winter look regardless of height or shape. A bonus with this cardigan is that you can use it for fall/winter and spring. Who doesn't love a piece of garment that can easily transition within different seasons. Talk about cozy, comfortable and chic right? Next on the list is the metallic pleated skirt. Sure, pleats are nothing new but when you add a bit of shine to this fabric, it does have more of a luxe and dressed up look to it. The third hot trend we are excited about is the belle sleeve. What is more elegant than a sleeve, now if you add a bit of volume that automatically gives an outfit an extra style boost. You may have seen the bell sleeves in tops, tunics and dresses and they all work from day to night. It's a great fashion statement on its own. There you have it ladies, our three top three favorite trends right now. We always love hearing from our One Style at a Time fashion squad so tell us, which of these three trends do you favor?


Monday, January 18, 2016


Awards season continues on and as some of Hollywood's top celebrities continue celebrating their big wins, we continue taking a closer look at who was winning in the fashion department. This past Sunday it was the Critics' Choice Awards turn to honor the best in film and television and a chance for the fashion critics to see which of these actresses style won even bigger. 
Overall, the fashion was pretty safe but very sexy indeed. If you thought you had seen it all with plunging necklines at the Golden Globes, well that trend continued last night. It also got very leggy on the 'blue carpet' as well. The ladies were not shy in showing off their toned legs in high slits. Wondering what colors were the top trend? Of course, black was a top trend but the dusty, pale blue was by far seen as one of the most noticeable trends of the night worn by Jennifer Aniston, January Jones and our favorite was worn by the actress Saoirse Ronan. We leave you with some of our favorites of the night. So fashionistas, tell us which were your best dressed at the Critics' Choice Awards?

Rosie Huntington - Whiteley in Saint Laurent

Monday, January 11, 2016


Glitz, glamour and a red carpet full of stars wearing some of the top names in fashion and some of the most expensive jewelry pieces. The Golden Globes has set off the much-anticipated awards season. Arriving one by one were actors from the world of television and film to celebrate the TV shows and movies that are on top of their game. There were some clearly defined trends that included the color white, navy, gowns with pockets, capes, metallics, jewel toned colors. Stylists must have placed extra orders for double sided tape for all the daring, plunging necklines. It was exciting to see the return of color on the red carpet! Black and red dresses are usually the classic and safe choice but this time, we saw different shades of yellow making a splash. There was definitely a sense of elegance but with a few crop topped designs, there was a feeling that things were a bit more laid back. So we have made our choice for the 2016 Golden Globes best dressed and here are our top ten, in no particular order of preference. Do you agree/disagree? Who had your vote for best red carpet fashion? 

Monday, January 4, 2016


The classic Chanel 2.55 calfskin quilted handbag is the epitome of timeless fashion. I haven't met a fashionista that doesn't lust after this or any of Chanel's quilted bags. Hence, there is that price tag factor that makes it for many just a bit more challenging to acquire. Well, that is unless you have a few thousand dollars sitting under the mattress (if that isn't a throwback saying) and you are ready to drop it on this beautifully crafted bag. Now sure this coveted Chanel piece is a one of a kind but because of its popularity since forever, it also has been replicated many times over. 
Enter current day and if you have done any shopping around, you know this quilted bag has been knocked off by some of the most well-known brands. Perhaps like myself, you will find yourself doing double takes on some of the similarities in design. Of course, this quilted feature has inspired designers to mass produce them in a variety of sizes, colors, styles and cost effective prices (yay for all of us). If you're looking for an option for day or evening events, you can't go wrong with this handbag style. It even comes in tote bags sizes which makes this a functional handbag option for the on the go working woman. Fall-Winter 2015 definitely has seen a significant surge in the quilted craze and it has our One Style at a Time seal of approval. Does it have yours?


Thursday, December 31, 2015


There is great value in looking back in order to make the future brighter and better. As the final hours of 2015 have arrived it's worth doing some retrospective thinking about what we have accomplished and what new goals we have for the new year. One Style at a Time had a very busy year and today seems like the perfect time to recap some of the blog's highlights. From trend alerts, gift guides, the best of the red carpet and more, we bring you a full overview of what has kept the blog running in heels for twelve months!



Wednesday, December 23, 2015


For so many the past few weeks has been a rush against the clock to try and accomplish so many tasks before the holidays commence. It's the ongoing balancing act of accomplishing that work-life balance while now planning for the festivities ahead.  Before you know it, some major decisions need to be made during the days of the shopping frenzy. What to buy and for whom? Where are all the sales? Where to shop? What's the best option, shopping online or in stores? You go over that mental or written list once or twice. Lots of noise and commercial hysteria is involved during the holiday season which by the way, used to start right after Thanksgiving. Now it seems as if autumn barely arrives and the ornaments, trees and decorations all hit the stores as a stern reminder that clock is ticking and quite loudly. 

Now that you've read this far you are probably wondering, "Ok, ok, are we going to talk fashion, style and what to wear?" Well fashionistas, not today. Yes, this is a fashion blog but we cannot turn our backs at where we are today, which of course affects everything including fashion and the industry. With everything that has transpired around the world in the last few weeks, months and years sometimes you need to take a step back, take a deep breath and just be thankful. It doesn't matter if you celebrate the holidays or not, if your circle is small or big. If you live near loved ones or live a plane ride away from them. The importance is that we are still here and the goal is to make it count. We can no longer take for granted our lives or those that have meaning in our lives. So why not take a day to just be thoughtful, kind and full of gratitude. If you're not sure what to be thankful for, all it takes is a few minutes of watching the news and you are guaranteed to change your mind. 

So finally, One Style at a Time wishes you all a safe, healthy and of course, a very fashionable Merry Christmas!  


Wednesday, December 16, 2015


It was a bright and mild Sunday afternoon in December on Madison Avenue. The perfect day to attend the ‘Sip and Shop’ event that was being held at the french high fashion store Lanvin in collaboration with Kicked It In Heels. Upon arriving, you could instantly sense you were in for quite an experience. It was such a treat to see the aesthetics of the Lanvin brand in so many luxe pieces all around the store. There were shelves of an array of shoes, handbags and jaw-dropping, sparkly jewelry pieces. The walls were covered in frames of black and white fashion photography. While the champagne flowed and hors d’oeuvres delighted at the event, guests had the chance to get professional on-site makeovers and shop until they dropped and all for a good cause (ten percent of all the sales during this event would benefit the Kicked It In Heels organization). 

In attendance were the two hosts and super chic fashionistas, Fashion Blogger Erika Munro Kennerly of Le Chic Urbain and Celebrity Wardrobe Consultant, Jacci Jackson. Also, in attendance was the Kicked It In Heels founder Dr. Janna Andrews. This non-profit organization's mission is to empower breast cancer survivors specifically young women and women of color by encouraging lifestyle adjustments, dialogue and many services that focus on wellness, style and beauty. How often do we celebrate those incredible survivors of breast cancer? There is so much more that happens after a diagnosis and treatment. They are the true superheroes that live among us all and deserve to be celebrated for kicking this illness with their best and most fashionable heels! 

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